The Wild


They are The Wild! And they are crazy. Hey, what else did you expect?

“Let’s face it,” laughs Wild! singer-guitarist Dylan Villain. “When your band is called The Wild — with an exclamation point — you’ve set the bar high for yourself. It's gotta be 150mph right from the jump.”

And that is exactly how these guys roll. On the stage, on record or on the road.

But hey, don’t take it from us. Pick up their explosive debut album GxDxWxB, out April 21, 2015 on eOne Music Canada, and hear for yourself, expertly produced by Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, Jimmy Page, Dave Ghrohl, Van Halen) at the legendary Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC with additional production completed at the city’s Armoury Studios. If rock barnburners like Road House, Party ’Til You’re Dead, Straight to Hell and Banger don’t get your blood running, you might wanna check your pulse. And if you don’t agree that their southern-fried blues-punk riffs justify The Wild!’s hard-earned rep as the sons of every great rock'n'roll band from AC/DC to ZZ Top, you best get your ears cleaned, chump.

Make no mistake. Villain and partners in crime — burly bearded singer-bassist Boozus, chrome-domed drummer Reese Lightning and recently recruited rhythm guitarist Pistol Pete — come by that sound and that rep honestly. The band hails from the wilds of Kelowna, B.C., where they grew up like every other rural teenager. “We were riding around in crappy vehicles down dirt roads, listening to old rock'n'roll, punkrock & metal records going to bush parties, hunting and fishing,” Villain says. The latter was earned over the course of a decade together in the rock ’n’ roll trenches, honing their notoriously over-the-top live show in every warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse that would have them.

Now they’re a thicker than water. They’ve been through the fire. And they bring it with them every time they step on the stage. “It’s definitely about that fire,” stresses Villain. “Sure, you’ve gotta play well. But there’s something more than just hitting the right notes and playing everything perfect. You’ve gotta give it everything every night. 150%. You have to put your foot to the floor and never stop — red line that the whole goddamn way.” You might think these guys are nothing but redneck beer drinking hell raisers. But there’s a method to the madness. “We know who we are,” Villain explains. “We know what we're like. We’re a powder keg. We like to have a good time & everything you’ve heard is probably true. But there’s more to us than just that.”

2012 proved to be an eventful year for The Wild! with their first single, Road House, released. Road House was then featured on The Jason Ellis Show on FACTION (Sirius/XM) and is in current rotation in the UK (Steve Taylor’s show ‘Retro Rock’ on 102.5FM – Stourbridge), Canada (Power 104.7FM – Kelowna) and on various online stations such as and After teaming up with Vancouver hip-hop music video director, Stuey Kubrick, the Road House music video received more than 10,000 views in its first week and an additional 20,000 views within the first month. Backing the vision, sound and attitude of The Wild! Adrian Grenier, star of Entourage and owner of Wreckroom Records in NYC, posted a link to the Road House video on his Twitter feed.

Sonically, their riffs are steeped in blues and punk, two more subjects near and dear to the band. “We take a huge influence from the blues... and I’m talking about the Delta blues that’s not really heard by a lot of people. But we’ve also got a punk attitude about this whole thing. That’s the thing about great punk rock: You’re not trying to do anything. You’re not overthinking it. You’re just doing it. It was the same with the old Delta bluesmen. They had conviction. They really meant what they were doing and so do we. No matter what we do it’s at 11. We just wanna live hard. We just wanna live free.”

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